We do not advise you to use this service only if you make a declaration of love.

For any other situation where different languages are a barrier to communication, please contact us. In business meetings, conversations, negotiations, symposiums, congresses, where people speaking more than one language get together, our specialists will be there with you to remove the barriers to your communication.

  • SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION – is performed with equipment – boxes, microphones and headphones. This is an interpretation that takes place at the time of speaking and is carried out by two translators per language.
  • CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION – an interpretation performed with waiting. This kind of interpretation is used primarily during conferences, business negotiations, transactions etc..
  • ACCOMPANYING – this is a service we provide to our clients when making contacts, when travelling, working with foreigners or in any kind of situations requiring the use of foreign language.
  • TELEPHONE INTERPRETATION – when the contact with your partner cannot be done in person and the conversation has to be conducted by phone, we offer an interpreter who will help you in conducting such conversation.